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About Nouiss-Air / N-CIA

Almost 3000 years ago, the ancient city of Carthage, now Modern Tunis, Tunisia, was built to connect the North (European continent) and South (African continent). The location of the city of Carthage became the master of maritime trade in the Mediterranean, to gain sovereignty under the Carthaginian Empire.

Originally, Carthage a small port on the coast of the Mediterranean, established only as a stop for Phoenician traders to re-supply or repair their ships, Carthage grew to become the most powerful city for over 600 years in the Mediterranean before the rise of Rome.

This legacy will continue with Nouiss-Air, Carthage today still standing as modern Tunisia, Nouiss-Air's central position is the ideal base for aviation businesses. Nouiss-Air symbolizes aviation's opportunities that would connect Europe and Africa, with the rest of the world, as it was ancient Carthage, the capital of Mediterranean's trade.

We work with companies that know their revenues are not improving as fast as they would like. Means, our approach is to lower your costs to lift up your revenue.

During the last 26 years, Nouiss-Air has acquired broad experience in, Aviation, Hospitality, Travel, Tourism and Information Technology. We offer various services, products and consulting to assist in boosting Your Sales Volume. Today, with a base in development at Tozeur-Nefta International Airport, Nouiss-Air is developing a family of aviation products and services in the country of Tunisia, to meet the demand of the international aviation community.

We know what it takes for a Company to make a profit in today's market and we have the expertise to help do so.

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Roman Colosseum in Tunisia


  Fields within the Aviation industry

From corporate to commercial aviation,
Nouiss-Air acquired extensive experience in the civilian and military fields. Either to incorporate aviation with a non-aviation business or a purely aviation related business; certainly Nouiss-Air can help.

Information Technology:
--for Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality only.
In today's economical and technological global industrial commerce, information technology has become a vital integrated tool to conduct business and to be competitive. We offer a full scale of consulting services from simple web design task to the most complicated ones --fully automate your sales & marketing department. Nouiss-Air will provide you with the human and technological resources.

Tourism & Hospitality:
Our consulting experience is from travel agencies, through wholesale inbound & outbound tour operators, to the Timeshare & Vacation Ownership industry. Whether a new project, renovation or conversion to points, we can help you to increase profit with our Sales & Marketing consulting services.

Nouiss-Air is proud to have the best Executive Team with a combined experience of more than 200 years, from military to the civilian sector.

"Nouiss-Air" --Proven Results

· Your revenue goes further

· Guaranteed Success

· Your Asset is protected

· Professional Staff for a specialized market

· Increased Sales

Nouiss-Air will put you out front and keep you out front in your market.

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N-CIA is committed to making this Your Sustainable Business by contributing to a clean and healthy environment, community engagement and a thriving economy. Under the wings of N-CIA department of Quality, we invite you to help shape the future of your Sustainable community. We are interested in your feedback and ideas, please free to contact us. sustainable works wonders, satisfies the needs and gets you more. We believe sustainable the only way to fly.
Sustainably Yours.

Protect - Value - Measure -
Interact - Improve - Retain Your assets.

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